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Prioritising Safety in Mining, Committed to Industry and your Safety, We offer a range of accredited and non-accredited courses that are critical to the mining and resources industry. 


To Enrol in the SSE Online Course, please call our office on (07) 3810 6391. 
                                             Telephone: (07) 3810 6328                                     Email: training@simtars.com.au 

Our Courses
RII60315 - Advanced Diploma of Underground Coal Mining Management                                                                                      RII40415 - Certificate IV in Underground Coal Operations                                                                                               
MRES - Monitoring Respirable Dust in Coal Mines, Mineral Mines and Quarries                                                                                                       VOM - Ventilation Officer (Metalliferous QLD) SSEDB ONLINE - Safe Drilling and Blasting
SD - Stonedust Sampling in Underground Mine VOCOAL - Ventilation Officer (Underground Coal Mine)                         SSESA ONLINE - Small Mines and Quarry SSE Online - Safety Awareness Program                                                     
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