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Accredited Courses    Non- Accredited Course             Clearing the Air 
First Class Mine Manager (Underground Coal) 
Asbestos Awareness 

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Deputy/ ERZ Controller
Chemical Awareness

Respirable Dust Monitoring
Dangerous Goods Awareness 

Respirable Dust 
Location: Mackay
Date:  October 2020                               
Ventilation Officer (Underground Coal 
EX Refresher Training 
Ventilation Officer (Metalliferous) 

Gas Chromatograph (CAMGAS) Training

Ventilation Officer - Metals 
Location: Mt Isa 
Date:    November 2020
Stonedust Collection
Heat Stress Awareness
Risk Reduction

Noise Awareness

Learner Handbook 
Brake Testing

Safegas and Segas Professional Introductory
Spontaneous Combustion 

Safe Drilling and Blasting (SSE Online) 
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Site Safety Health Representative 

Safety Awareness (SSE Online)

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